First Line Therapy (FLT)

Our therapeutic lifestyle change, First Line Therapy program (FLT) is a program that works to more clearly identify and overcome the causes of waning health, and then naturally improve total body function, by nourishing, balancing, and revitalizing the whole individual. It is fundamentally based on making informed decisions that impact your health everyday, through reviewing eating habits and using activity and exercise to directly influence excess insulin production and body composition.

With nutritional supplementation and medical food, you will target nutrients that help to prevent and/or treat specific conditions. Implementing regular stress and sleep management will help keep insulin and hormone levels balanced, improve overall vitality, and contribute to a functioning mind and body while functionally lowering the risk for disease. This is a collaborative treatment plan between you, one of our nutrition professionals and your primary health care provider. It is this team approach that will ensure positive change and lifestyle improvement.  

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