Functional Medicine Evaluation

A functional medicine approach to health and medical treatment is a different way of thinking. Instead of just treating symptoms, we look upstream as far as we can to find the cause of health problems and not just ways to treat symptoms or complaints.
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Your first Functional Medicine evaluation is a 90 minute consultation in which we take time to understand the core imbalances that cause your chronic conditions.

  1. Functional medicine packet:  25 page packet that gives us a detailed base history of you.
  2. Collection of old records: It is imperative to have these records so we can see your health history progression over time.
  3. 90 minute appointment: A thorough physical exam is completed and an initial action plan is developed. This appointment will be scheduled once we receive your functional medicine packet and medical history.
  4. Follow-up appointment: Includes a nutrition evaluation and a directed functional medicine lab evaluation. We will concentrate on further refinement of your action plan as well.

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