We provide health care and healthy perspective for your newborn through the adolescent years. We offer healthy vaccination and immunization programs and ways to improve and balance your immunity through nutrition optimization and healthy choices. Same day urgent care appointments are available with our physician assistants and nurse practitioner.

Additional healthy eating habits counseling is provided through our nutrition services. We offer functional medicine approaches to allergy, autism, acne, asthma and a full range of common pediatric conditions.

Join us for our Growing Healthy Lives: Food Introduction Classes:  6-12 months / 12-18 months / 18-24 months /2-5 years every Wednesday with Emily Rydbom, LE. We cover food introduction, food sensitivities and allergies, as well as appropriate mineral, vitamin, essential fat, and probiotic intake to insure that the GI tract and immune systems of our children are the best from the beginning.

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