Functional Allergy and Nutrition (FAN)

Our functional allergy and nutrition program includes either skin testing or serum testing for food and environmental allergy triggers and/or an elimination diet to develop a personalized allergy treatment program for patients.

There are many allergy triggers including mold, cats, dogs and other animals, commonly eaten foods, and a wide variety of pollen-making grasses, flowers or trees. Through testing, we can determine the triggers for your allergies. Our treatments include a functional medicine and nutritional approach to allergy.

Through nutrition and the use of supplements, we can aid in the healing of the membranes in your intestine and lungs. This often changes the bacteria of your intestine, which decreases an allergic response along with your associated symptoms. In some cases we encourage initiating sublingual immunotherapy  (SLIT). This is a needle free allergy program that works!  Please contact Dorothy MIner, PA-C for any questions regarding the FAN program. To re-order sublingual immunotherapy drops, please contact the front desk, 541-488-1116, option #3

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