Preconception Counseling and Prenatal Nutrition

The health of the mother and father are integral to the health of a newborn child. Our understanding of the importance in optimizing the health of the mother and father prior to conception is increasing. The habits of both parents prior to conceiving a child play a direct role to the baby's health in the womb and after. Our program in preconception and nutrition counseling through the three trimesters of pregnancy impacts you and your baby's health.

GrowBaby Prenatal Nutrition Classes are offered at no charge to Stone Medical, P.C. patients, and participation in every stage of the nutrition program from first trimester to fourth trimester (post partum) is a very important part of your pregnancy care. There are scheduled classes throughout the year that correspond directly with the progress of your baby’s growth. We ask that patients participate in one class for every trimester of pregnancy. It is our desire that you achieve an understanding of the symbiotic relationship between food and how it affects the health of you and your baby.

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