Functional Nutrition Evaluation

Nutrition modulates diseases and helps determine health and wellness. 95% of chronic illness can be improved with changes in diet. All of us can enjoy improved health with a thorough evaluation of our diet and nutrition history.

  1. History:  Fill out the functional medicine and nutrition form.  This includes a 3 day diet history, detailed medical history and review symptoms and compilation of supplement and medication intake.
  2. Bioimpedence Analysis (BIA):  A simple technology that allows us to determine body composition of fat mass, non fat mass, intracellular and extracellular water. The BIA measurement is affected and changed with healthy improvements in diet, metabolic pathways, detoxification/biotransformation pathways, and improvement in medical conditions. It is more accurate than skin fold measurements.  We combine your BIA measurements with additional body measurements (height, weight, waist/hip ratios) to show improvement over time.
  3. Nutrition Assessment with a Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator: 60 minute consultation and discussion with our Registered Dietitian or Certified Nutritionist.  A nutrition physical exam will be completed.
  4. Therapeutic Plan:  Following the referral from your primary care provider and the compilation of information from the first 3 steps, one of our nutrition professionals and your primary care provider will evaluate and assess your case and, together with you determine the next steps to improved nutritional health.  This includes, ordering additional functional medicine or standard labs to provide further information about your condition.  Labs including essential fatty acid panels, vitamin levels, organic acid panels, genetic testing, comprehensive stool analysis, celiac panel, and food allergy testing, help us develop a more optimum nutrition or supplement regimen for you.

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